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Original Paintings, Hand-signed Prints and Books by Richard Mitchell

Creating a painting of Matlock Bath Illuminations

Making New Work:
Matlock Bath Illuminations

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Original Paintings

Every painting displayed is framed and on sale unless it says otherwise.  You can also get a painting as a glossy or matte A3 print, which can be on its own, or mounted and backed in a 20in x 16in ice-white acid-free mount.  If you prefer, the mounted print can also be put into a frame.


Mounted Prints

Prints take the form of a high-quality glossy or matte print, mounted and backed in an ice-white acid-free mount.  For each mounted print, you can choose an option to have it put into a frame.  The usual print size is A3 in a 20" x 16" mount, but smaller paintings may be A4 print size in a 16" x 12" mount.  Check the details for a particular print when buying.

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As well as painting I love to write, and I have written two art-fiction novels, Stealing Venus and Painting Venus.  They are about an oil painter called Will Bentley who turns out to be a bit of a detective as well.  You can expect art, intrigue and romance.  Here you can read some sample chapters and follow links to purchase the books on Amazon.

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Will Bentley novel #2 - Published Feb 2024

Journey through time as past and present intertwine in this captivating narrative. In Renaissance Florence, the illustrious painter Sandro Botticelli, renowned for priceless masterpieces such as Primavera and the Birth of Venus, finds his heart ensnared by a forbidden passion for the wife of a powerful Medici lord.


Fast-forward to the present day, where artist Will Bentley and scholar Alessa Cooper work together in pursuit of hidden clues to reveal the truth of Botticelli's muse.  As they delve deeper, they discover that someone else is racing to unravel these secrets before them.


Follow this mystery through love, art, desire and intrigue that shape the course of centuries, leading to a climax in which a secret history finally emerges from the shadows.

Available as Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover


Will Bentley novel #1

In Cambridge's captivating art scene, renowned painter Will Bentley finds peace in his studio, but his tranquillity is shattered when the intriguing Lucy Wrackham, an art insurance expert, arrives on his doorstep. She is seeking Alfred Smith, a brilliant forger and Will's ex-prison friend. They embark on the search together, yet Alfred proves curiously elusive, and someone seems to know their every move and is determined to thwart them.

The serene art world becomes a breeding ground for violence and mayhem, as a priceless Botticelli masterpiece is stolen from London's prestigious National Gallery. Lucy at last uncovers the shocking truth but is betrayed.  In a race against time Will tries to find Lucy before it's too late. In this gripping crime novel, the art world's allure clashes with the dark underbelly of corruption fuelled by power and immense wealth.

Available as Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover

Cambridge Food Market


A brilliant art/forgery thriller that you will not want to put down till you reach the ending, truly absorbing and a joy to read.

I found the murky world of art theft fascinating in this novel. The engaging character of Will brings a subversive element to crime detection...

I absolutely loved this book - it gripped me from the very first page. Great characters and a superb plot make it hard to put down once you start.

It is a fantastic book, well researched with a wonderful flowing narrative. Quite simply, it is one of the best book[s] I have read for some time.

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