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Private View

Buying a painting can be a hard decision, especially if you haven’t seen the original picture.  It might look good online, but will it work for your home?  If you are able to visit the studio, you are welcome to book a private view of a painting you like.  We can take card payments if you decide to buy, and provide you with packaging, so it couldn’t be easier.  There’s no commitment, and you can see any other paintings you may like at the same time.


If you’re based in the United Kingdom and interested in a private view, please complete the form below.  We’ll get in touch and arrange a suitable date and time. All entered information is private and is not used outside the Milky Way Gallery.

Studio Address:

Paddock House, York Road, Cliffe, Selby YO8 6NU

Tel: 07802 206650

Thanks for your request! We'll contact you soon.

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