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Art crime at its best

What is Art Style?

An art style refers to the aspects of an artwork that relate it to other works by the same artist, period, training, location, school or art movement. As artists group together in following a particular approach, either in an organized way or by an unpremeditated common direction, new styles emerge which are variously referred to as movements or schools. There are hundreds of art movements, all overlapping in time and geography, with new styles and movements branching out from existing ones, or emerging as a reaction to the status quo.  Our tribal nature perhaps explains our desire as artists to associate ourselves with movements.

With this rich tapestry as the backdrop, our attempt here to distil down all movements into a small number of different styles must be regarded only as convenient labels for seeking a particular defined style; a means to help find what we seek more swiftly. We hope you will explore the different styles and emerge from our gallery feeling enriched.

AbstractAction PaintingClassicalCubist
FigurativeImpressionistMinimalistModern and Contemporary
Naive ArtOp ArtPointillistPop Art

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