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Milky Way Gallery
The Milky Way Gallery is an online gallery of original paintings, drawings and limited-edition prints from emerging and established artists in the UK who demonstrate creative skill and passion for exciting new artwork. The gallery was first established in 1996 by Richard Mitchell and is today run by him and his wife Viv Mitchell.  All priced pictures shown are for sale unless they are in the process of being purchased. Pictures marked "Reference Work" are additionally included on Artist's Galleries as examples of previous works.

By buying from the Milky Way Gallery you are supporting Britain's rich heritage of beautiful art, and you can be assured of satisfaction because all our pictures can be viewed up close as well as "on the wall" to see how they will look and get a sense of their size. Every picture is provided with all the basic information you need to know, such as size, medium and price.

If by any chance you want to return a picture we offer a 14-day no-quibble refund guarantee. We aim to be friendly, welcoming, honest and reliable, so you can trust that we have your interests at heart and that we will strive to provide great service to you. We also aim to be knowledgeable, so if you have a question, just drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will help - our contact details are at the top of every page.
Milky Way Galaxy
Why is it important to be Original?
Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait What's the difference between an original and a good print? The fact is that there is only one original, and once it is gone you cannot get another, but more than that: the original was touched by the artist; it bears his or her thumb-prints, it grew from nothing underneath their hand. That's why a giclée print of a Van Gogh sells for hundreds, but an original Van Gogh sells for millions. The original is burned with the rich patina of history. Even a limited-edition print is original in the sense that it was personally created and signed by the artist as one of a few limited copies. Of course it isn't unique like the true original, but it is less expensive and retains the mark of the artist's hand.
Finding your Art
Pictures are displayed on the Home page in order of the most recent additions first, and you can use the Art Search Filters to narrow down the choices according to what you would like to see. In addition you can use the Menu on the left to pick by Subject, Price and so on. The Milky Way Gallery shows unique paintings by the finest emerging artists, offering an opportunity to invest in an artist early on in their career. Prices are affordable, so you can be sure that you will get a lovely picture to adorn your walls without breaking the bank. You can also be sure that all our artists are living and working and creating their art here in the UK, so there is no danger that you might be buying ripped-off copies or paintings from sweatshops in Asia that pay their people a pittance. Art Search Filters on the Milky Way Gallery
Tell your Friends
Tell your friends about the Milky Way Gallery If you like a picture it will help the artist and their work become better known if you "Like" it, never mind whether or not you might eventually decide to buy it. Every picture has social-sharing links for you to do this.
Buying a Picture
It is so exciting to receive a picture through the post, and tear off the wrapping to see all revealed! To avoid any difficulties with international shipment costs and delays, we only sell within the United Kingdom at this time. We operate as an agent so the artist will directly ship you your chosen picture in reliable and safe packaging. The price you see on the picture includes packaging and shipment. We will hold your payment safely until you have received your artwork and the transaction can be completed, so there is no danger of you paying but then not receiving your picture. Brown-paper Wrapped Picture If you would like to buy a painting, first Register your shipment details with us using the link at the top of every page, and then you can make a safe and secure purchase through PayPal or using a credit/debit card. If you use a credit or debit card it is still handled by PayPal, which is the main payment mechanism used by eBay so you can be sure it is tried and trusted. For more details just follow Terms of Sale on the menu. By the way, we will never give away or sell your details to anyone else, and you can opt in or out of our newsletter according to your wish.

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